Birthday Cakes

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

I like making cakes. I hate eating them, but I love making them. So, when someone wants a cake I'll always be glad to do one. I'm not proclaiming I'm good at them. I'm a perfectionist to the extreme and I'm NEVER happy with the end result of cakes. I think icing isn't as predictable as other artistic mediums. ; )
These little furry monsters are probably the hardest things I've ever done. I wanted to do special stitching on the color blocks to match the actual pictures but once I got to a certain point I decided I'd spent far too much time on them. I redid the eyes and the hair at least once. Even the little cookie is made of icing. It was all worth it for my little "Baby Jack"!
The little guy had to have his own cake too and his momma wanted to to be almost all blue. I tried to do a "cookie" in cookie monsters mouth but what you see is what you get. Now, since this was a double party for little brother and big brother, big brother had to have his own cake!
So Big Brother got the Spongebob Square Pants cake. It was a quick decorate, not like the other two. I don't particularly care for SpongeBob at all but he does make a cute cake I guess.
So, we have Sponge Bob, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird all at one party.
Yippee! Actually it makes me tired just thinking about it.


  1. Very cute cakes,, job well done. I decorate cakes too,, and even though i love doin it, i get soooo stressed out trying to make it perfect.

  2. Very cute! I have just gotten into making cakes and thinking about attempting Wesley's 1st bday cake. Boy it can be very frustrating though.

  3. I think you did an amazing job.....I only wish I could decorate a cake...I don't think I have the patience for it....

  4. These are really good. I swear its just not fun for me though. I stress too much about it. You know me!! I couldnt actually do it for anyone but my own kids I dont think.


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