They're not tricks, their ILLUSIONS!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Okay, so I got up early and cleaned, put away toys, made beds, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and the list goes on.  Then I had friends over for a scrapbooking party (Brillant Idea), that was SO much fun.
While we were working I slowly started getting a headache and by the time the last few left, it was a full blow headache.  The kid that makes your eyes water and your head throb and you just want to lay down.
So I did!
I let the kids play while I laid down, I swear, I wasn't down for 30 minutes and this happened...
The playroom and this is just a smidge.
Coopers bed covers, pillows and sheets were off, the top to his bedside table and all his color pencils in the floor.
The baby gate taken down, my gym bag has been dragged out, my craft garbage can is my fault I didn't take it out and empty it I was going to let hubby do it.
Laundry unfolded and stuff strowed...a look of innocence.
My scrapbook mess I think just gives me a headache thinking about it.
So what's a girl with a headache to do?
When I stand up it hurts so I guess I'll suck it up unitl hubby gets home.
So REALLY this house was clean or at least I thought it was or maybe it was just an illusion.
Gotta go Jake's playing with scissors!


  1. Bless your heart!!! I hope your head feels better! Momma doesn't get down time very often and when we do there always seems to be a price to be paid... I hope tomorrow is better for you!

  2. This is my house everyday, yay! I gave up a long, long time ago.


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