Plastic Wrap before Freezing....BRRR!

Friday, January 16, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

No this is not Martha S. with helpful hints on keeping your food from frosting. It's just me let you know it's FREEZING outside here in Georgia this morning.
I stuck my head out the door while Cooper was running to the bus and thought
"I should have wrapped him in plastic, too"
As if, 3 layers of clothing, a coat, gloves, toboggan and scarf weren't enough.
So anyway, I've got to get two more munchkins out of their warm bed and take one to school and one to the gym (it's possible we might skip the gym and head to Memaw & Papaws).

Update: I'm tetering between 4 & 5 pounds lost!
YAY! for me right!
So, I've been to the gym on Monday and Wednesday and I'm doing the eliptical for 30 minutes and the treadmil for 10 to 20. I'm building up to running my first mile. When I can go solid, I'll try to go farther and faster. My poor body. I'm so out of shape!
Well, wish me luck. I hear a kid that's up and I've got to pack my gym bag. I was actually expecting schools to be closed because usually if Hamilton County is closed we are too but apparently not this time. Thank goodness I went ahead and packed lunches and snacks last night. Hey I think I'm going to add that to my "Eliminate the CHAOS" list.
From here on, I'm going to pack lunchs and snacks the night before!  I should have been doing it anyway!  Oh, and they looked SO healthy!

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!!!I have lost 9 pounds and I am right behind you! Eliminate half of me too! Jenn


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