My First Knitted Hat!

Saturday, January 31, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

First off, I have the most disagreeable models.  Plus, it's really a newborn size so they didn't like me squeezing it onto their heads just for a picture.  So, this was the first picture I was able to get that didn't involve thrashing or unpleasent faces.  I used a cotton yarn in a mustard/sage green.  Not sure what color you'd really call it but I did want to get the mustard yellow and denim blue to go with this.  Then I decided that I wanted to make a hat that looked like an apple.  Only I don't think this is going to be that hat.  I did a few purl stitches to give it a little something extra and I think it turned out cute for only the second real thing I've ever made, not including the "elephant nose".  Which still reappears from time to time so they must be playing with it.  This video here by KnitPicks was the most helpful, but this was a good experience for me so I think I'll cast on some more of the green and do a slightly larger hat.  This one is probably a newborn to 6 month size.  I've got friends having babies all over the place so I think these little guys would be awesome to give.  Now, I just need to do another and learn to embelish!  If you haven't tried knitting, go to Hobby Lobby, get a few needles and a circular one for a hat and some yarn and get started.  I'm psyched about my super soft bamboo yarn!  Oh and go to to learn how!


  1. That is pretty amazing! I am impressed.

  2. This turned out so good. You caught on so quick just like I knew you would!


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