My Cheapest Project Yet!

Thursday, January 15, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

Yes, this is what you think it is!
I bought this blue framed cork board at Target for $2.50.
I used some of my scrapbook paper from a pad I bought for another Mod Podge project.
I removed the cork board from the back of the frame (which already has the hooks for hanging on the back)
I cut my paper into 2" strips
Apply Mod Podge to the frame and the back of the paper strips and cover your frame, you'll want to miter your corners of your paper. Once your mod podge has dried you can either recoat the top with mod podge as is or
Sand the edges for a weathered look and then coat the entire outside with mod podge.
Now, lay your cork board on a piece of fabric, mine matches the wall I'm putting the board on. Cut your fabric out about an inch bigger all the way around your cork. Then iron your fabric flat. Turn your cork board face down on the fabric and clue the fabric edge all the way around the back of your board, carefully folding it over.
You can leave it as is with just fabric or add ribbon like below to use when you don't have push pins.
Lay your ribbons out like you want them and glue them to the very edge of your board. You can measure to be precise if you like, then turn your board over and glue the ribbons down on the back.
Trim the ribbons and pop your board into your frame, once your frame is dry.
This is what your back might look like, kind of messy I know but it's the front that matters, if you don't like this and it bothers you just knowing someone might take it down for a look at the back, cut a poster board to fit and lay it behind the back of your cork board for a finished look.
Now, I'm going to put some kids down for a nap and go hang this in my bathroom, where I keep my calender with my daily events and current weight (ulgh).
YAY! Now, go try it and show me yours.


  1. Nice work! I love how you covered the frame. I'll be linking.

  2. Very nice....I love it....tres chic...if I do say so myself....

  3. I will be making a "bulletin board" for Sissy soon. I've had the supplies a little while (aka 1 year - shut up.) Yours looks great!

  4. Super CUTE!!! I HAVE to try that out! Thanks for leaving me a comment, too! yes I do sell on Etsy! :) HUGS! Shawnta

  5. What a nifty idea! Thats so cute :)


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