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Monday, January 26, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Is it selfish to blog about yourself?  Well, maybe I'm not really blogging about myself as much as I am my life.  I should be packing Evan's lunch for school but instead he's got his hands on the footboard of our unmade bed,  jumping up and down watching race "Cars" on TV.  Jake is sitting next to me in my unmade bed watching Cars and occasionally wishing he could blog too.  I've spent less time in my blog world the last few days, one because I thought maybe I'd run out of things to talk about and two because I've just been busy.  I'm working on a blog/website for "Kendalls Kloset" a project of some friends of mine and I've been commissioned to put together a website and I'm doing it "blog" style because it's easier...check out the button to the right or head over to
Yesterday my darling husband and i took the kids to CiCi's pizza for lunch.  Oh my goodness, I didn't know I was starving my kids...or myself!  I always order a private pizza because I love a certain kind they never rmake and the kids like the chicken bits on top.  I've also had my heart on helping out a friend.  I say friend because she's a sister in Christ and has spent sometime with me recently and that's all it takes for me to call you a friend.  I don't have many friends but I do have lots of friends.  I love my friends!!! Everyone of them but I dont' so called "hang out" with them.  Now, if we all weren't so busy taking care of families all the time, we would hang out I'm sure.    Anyway, this friend just feels like her life is spiraling downwards.  She had a baby, she's single, she lost her job recently, then lost her car BUT she has a new baby,  she found new friends, found a great church and many people that are willing to help her get back on her feet.  She's gained more in my opinion than she probably knows.  She'll find out!  So, I'm considering letting her stay with us, well actually, I've already invited her so we'll see.  She's my age and seems to have a good head on her shoulders but has had a string of bad luck, if you believe in luck.  I really don't!  I believe we ALL have to have valley's and mountains.  We just have too.  It's like the story of Exodus.  How bad does it have to get sometimes?  Well, probably until you give God the credit for every drop of sunshine in your life or just say "thank you".  Complete faith, no doubt!
That's kind of a somber note:  Oh and just to be funny this morning Evan was walking around at 6:30 after his morning shower being very serious.  If you didn't think a 3 year old could pull off'll have to check him out sometime.  I said "Evan, you're SO serious." and Evan said "I am NOT SO serious!" seriously, with a serious face.  I died!  Seriously!  Then he went into my closet and grouched down very seriously and giggled!  How Awesome...Jakes new trick.  To get up on my bed, slide back off and fall all over the floor on purpose!  It's the funniest thing, almost as funny as Evan being serious.  Cooper!  What to say about Cooper...he was sick Friday at school and I had to get him early.  He slept the rest of the day Friday but by Saturday morning was better and played outside in the semi-cold weather.  He wanted to wear his suit to church yesterday and made me iron his coat, then wore his coat and said he didn't want to wear it.  He kept pulling the string on Evan's Toy Story Woody in church yesterday.   I thought I was going to kill him.  I don't think anyone noticed but the ladies behind us.  Oh well.  I think I should pay more attention to Cooper.  Maybe I should be nice and clean his room today.
Okay, so the picture of me.  Don't think I was being weird or vain because I'm not.  I never post pictures of me but when this picture was taken I looked at it and thought.  Man I'm getting old.  NO MAKE-UP!  I can see the lines in my forehead that are getting deeper from fretting or concentrating.  Maybe one day I can get botox if it's not too late.  I also need to pay more attention to my eyebrows.  That may help.  But I saw this and thought, now that's me!  I just need one more of me, with some Joy shining through!  I've been blessed with joy lately.  Something I just kept asking for!
Now, my mission this week is to hit the gym, organize my home, declutter a bunch and simplifiy around here.  Sounds like a load...speaking of... my never ending laundry monster needs some grooming.  So, I've got to go make some lunch, put on my running shoes and go back to the gym as everytime I miss, like last week, I feel like I have to start POOR running shoes!
Sorry for any misspellings...I still can't find the spellcheck on blogger draft!
I hope
you have a wonderful


  1. I am on my laptop so much that Devin tries to "take over" for ALMOST makes me feel bad. ; )

  2. Download Firefox. You use it instead of internet explorer. It is free & reliable. It isn't some kind of spy-ware... a lot of computer geek types like it a lot better than Internet Explorer. Where ever you type in free-text boxes, emails, etc. it red underlines just like Word does. If something is spelled wrong, you can right click the word, just like in Word and it will give suggestions for how to spell it correctly. I'm not sure if it will do that for your blog site, but it does for pretty much everything I use. And you can set up tabs like you can in IE.


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