How to Dry a Plastic Placemat?!?!

Sunday, January 18, 2009 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

Okay, if you have one or even two kids, cleaning and drying those plastic placemats they love to use isn't a big deal but when you have three kids under the age of six who are so messy they need a need an entire table covered in placemats and the floor then, you wash alot of placemats.  What would be nice is a way to dry them with out standing there with a towel for 10 minutes drying to clean and dry those suckers.  I've tried dish racks but they flop over and stick together and essentially don't dry in spots, I've got some ideas but I can't find any examples online.  I did find.
You can go online here and print this to help teach your child how to set the table.
So here's what I'm thinking will work and I swear if they don't I'll just invent something.
I've tried this...
I justed put them on the bottom rack when the dishwasher was empty and let them air dry but then I had to wait for them dishwasher to wash before I could empty it and I might as well, just dry the dishwasher says!
SO OMGoodness! I found the perfect thing!
AH HA!  This is perfect, it's a drying rack used for printing!
Where do you find these.  The website that had a picture of this didn't have where to buy???
Oh!  I found it here!  It's a good $50 smakers!!
OH! and I found this that I totally want in my laundry room!
But not for $150 dollars or more.
So, I'll build it myself I SWEAR I will!
This gives me an idea!
What if I hung a rod above my sink out of view and bought some of these at the dollar store...
HEY!  That may work!
Or, I can just launder money on the side.
A rack like this might work because it's so open!?
Ikea doesn't sell them anymore!
URGH!  I give up...anyone have any ideas?


  1. For Christmas I got a pkg of Sham Wow clothes - one of those "As Seen On TV" products. They were bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. I laughed at them as my husband always gives me some silly gifts...but...they work fantastic. Much more absorbent that normal cloths. I have been using them to dry place mats - the big ones are the same size as the mats and I just roll up and they dry almost instantly!
    Lisa -

  2. The money picture makes me think you don't even need to go to the dollar store to find those clips. Just use skirt hangers and hang them from the knobs of your cabinets.

  3. I have five children, so I am interested in what you find out!

  4. I have wanted one of those laundry racks for about two years now, but don't have a place for it, thank goodness!! :)


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