How could I NOT love knitting!

Monday, January 19, 2009 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Okay, I can feel it building...or perhaps it's just very late at night and I'm delusional.  I've been watching knitting videos from and I am officially completing my first project.  You're going to die when you see it.  I was knitting what I thought would be my first scarf and about a third of the way through my son pulled on it and it curled inward.  It was still flat along the top because the needle was through it.  So, we started to pretend it was an elephants nose.  So, that's what it became, an elephants nose.  I'm currently making a little knitted band to go around and button in the back so they can wear this elephant trunk to play with.  It's awesome! 
I just love it!  He tried to flip it up with his head like he thinks elephants do!
on to this...

I had to share these awesome photo's from
Aren't those needles absolutley beautiful.  They make my sewing machine look cold and heartless.  Look how warm and soft and inviting these are?
I could lick my screen right now!  EWE!  maybe not but these colors almost look edible.  They look so inviting, colorful and fun.  I have to make myself some of these.
Food Candy?  What can you imagine what else could be made with such beautiful colors? I wander if this is what Heaven will be like, warm, fuzzy, soft, comforting, colorful, and the list goes on and on...
Are they serious?  I could make something this pretty?  There's also something nostalgic about these sweaters on this site and look how cheap the pattern is?
Check out Miriam Tegel below
This woman can in the world do you get that fast.  You can't even see her fingers should see me.  I do like a stitch a minute and she does 118!
Well, my house is a wreck and instead of typing I should be cleaning but it's cold, the babies are sleeping and I'm getting tired so I guess cleaning will have to wait until tomorrow...or um...later today! 
it's 1:00 am
I just had to show you guys my new favorite love...
If anyone knows how to check spelling using Block in Draft, let me know, I like using it when uploading images much better than the old dashboard but I must be missing something right?

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