Eliminate Half of Me: Week 2

Friday, January 09, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I made it through my first week!
Lost 3 pounds!
Hope they are lost forever and someone else doesn't find them!
I also went to the gym today and almost killed myself.
Since I've decided I'm going to run again, I ran and after almost 3 months of not running, I almost died.
See in order to build up to a solid running mile I have to run for two minutes, walk for one minute and each time that I do this, I eliminate one of my walking minutes and increasing my running minute.  The spurts are good because they get my heart rate up and it actually stays up higher on average when I do this, then when I do a solid, hard walk.  So that's got to be better right?  I maintained this for almost an hour.
Boy do I have a long way to go!
So, that's the skinny on my weightloss and excersize.
Now, for my revelation!
I read this morning in a magazine that those people that write down what they eat daily in a journal lose, get this... TWICE the weight.  Wait...twice the weight by writing down what i eat!
So, during this week I've been thinking about food.  Not that I've been wishing for more food.  No, I'm thinking about having a "Love Affair" with food.  I've been watching my skinny kids eat and I think they've got the right idea. They...
...only eat when they are hungry
...they never finish everything
...they pick at their food
...they play with their food
...they only eat the best parts.
So regardless of what I put in front of them, they always do this.  I serve very well rounded meals and expect them to try everything but I don't expect them to finish.  My problem is, I eat mine so fast I don't remember what it tasted like so I have to start eating theirs.  I eat because I like to eat, not because I love the food.  So, I want to get to know the food, like the food and fall in love with the food.
I'm going to, from this week forward...
eat only when I'm hungry...
leave food on my plate...
eat only the good parts...
pick at my food...
play with my food...
I'm going to pray about it before I eat.  Before I put anything in my mouth I'm going to thank my Father for the nurishment.  I'm going to pray that he continues to make sure that movie theater size box of Milk Duds stays at the bottom of the huge pile at Wal-Mart.  Dear Lord, thank you for that one!  It's not that I think my Father doesn't want me to have the Milk Duds, He does.  I just think He wants me to learn to enjoy them first!  And if you are thinking that He has bigger problems than my Milk Duds, you're right but I've asked for His help and He's giving it to me.
Him, I can count on! Me, counting on myself...I don't think so.
If you think I look really ticked off...I do!
My camera takes pictures that make me look fat!
Plus, it's hard taking pictures of yourself.
I'm going to post a new picture every 10 pounds lost.
Are you with me?  Are you doing this too?


  1. Amen, girl. FANTASTIC post. Gosh, I'm being blessed today by surfing into some wonderful blog posts. Yes!!

    I notice the same thing about my children who do not have weight issues. I touched on "saving the best part for last" in my blog a few days ago, and love to see you saying it too. I might try that this week. And the journaling.

    Best wishes to you.


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