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Saturday, January 17, 2009 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

I love my blog friends. You have all been such a blessing to me. I come on here everyday and poor something out onto a screen that's been in my heart or on my mind. I love when you leave me comments, because then I can go check you what's on your blog and read about how much we all really do have in common. It seems that many of us have husbands that work alot or play alot and never pitch in enough in our opinion or our children can all destroy a play room in 10 minutes flat. We all have dirty dishes in the sink (some more than others), we all have clothes to fold and put away, toilets to scrub, mouths to feed (even our furry children), hobbies, new things we want to try and the list goes on and on. It means so much to me to know I'm not alone in this world and that we all have issues and we can share them on our blogs and not have someone point a finger in our face (literally) and tell us to just do better. I'd started reading a book about a year ago and never finished it was called... "Creatd to be His Help Meet". Now, some points just seemed so far fetched but in reality, the book truly blessed my marriage. I did realize that I needed to support my husband and show him respect for the sake of our marriage and children. So, no matter how frustrated I get or mad I am, I do realize that he lets me stay home with my children, works his tail off, pays all of our bills. I'm not a proud person, as long as I have my family and the breath of Jesus with me, I am complete. I don't mind that I'm driving a car that feels much to small for our family for awhile longer. I don't mind that I don't get to go shopping or spend money on my nails and hair. I don't mind that I don't have designer anything. My husband provides for us and that makes me so happy. I know women who have babies and husbands that hate to work and almost refuse to do so. I don't know how those women do it but they are good Christian women who encourage their husbands and pray for them and I have alot to learn from women like that, not the other way around. So I don't know where this blog entry is really going but I obvious had a stressful day yesterday and just to see and read that I'm not alone made me feel good and when I talk to God about my stressful day, I don't feel stressed. I feel like I don't do enough. There are people hungry and cold out there today in my community and I don't know how I can help but for the first time in years my husband has taken tithes at church seriously (answered prayer) and I think my church will help those in need. So, in my spare time, maybe I can find a way to help someone. There are many people on my prayer list today. I have a friend who has cancer and a baby on the way and he's doing well so far, I have an old acquantance that was shot in a home robbery, I have a lady friend with a new born, no husband, no car and no job; the list goes on and on so while I get online and complain about everything I have to do today, it makes me feel ashamed in a way. In a way, I'm glad I'm not alone. I think it's our duty to each other as women to lift each other up everyday and never tear each other down. Thank you all my blogging friends, followers, readers and vistors for noticing me and my life. Now, I'm going to go do that chore or 100 that are beckoning me and maybe by the end of the day I'll feel accomplished and so lucky to be at church in the morning! God Bless all of you! And for those who aren't "spiritual" I recommend you try it sometime, it's awesome!


  1. Super cute blog and such a LOVELY post!

    You hit the nail on the head about being thankful. I take my husband for granted many times..and start to feel sorry for myself - thinking about all the things I have on my plate. Although I work outside the home, I know that when times get tough (like now), the weight of the financial pressure is on my husband's shoulders, not mine. He sees it as his ultimate responsibility to make sure our family is provided for. That is a tremendous burden. Praise God for wonderful husbands!!

    Thanks for reminding me that there are so many more people in the world besides ME that need prayer! God bless you for this post.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! Please come back and hang out with us hillbillies! :)

  2. I LOVED your post! I too feel the need to help people, and I keep telling my husband that I want to be debt free so I can help those in need.

    I also learned early in my marriage that I needed to show my hubby support and respect. He does A LOT for me...he isn't a man who wears his emotions on his sleeve, but he does constantly try to make life easier for me, or get me things that allow me to indulge my hobbies. I am so in love with that man!

    Thanks for you wonderful got me thinking tonight!

  3. You said it all!!! I love reading your blogs and I too love that I am not alone!!!

  4. Love the look of your blog! I always say that we were meant to live the Christian life on our own. We need others...even if it's through blog world! :) Have a great Sunday!


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