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You know in Georgia 32 degrees is cold!
 You guessed it!  My very first scarf.  I wanted to keep knitting until I used the whole skeen but the thing was taller than me.  Evan thought he'd make a better model.  I'm tempted to let him wear it to school today. It's cold out there!  Now, there are a few missed stitches and I don't know how to make it stop rolling in but I'm getting the hang of the knit stitch technique.  Now I want to do something with a Purl Stitch & Knit Stitch Combine.  I have loved watching the website and I'm dying to order a circular needle to do hats, I have several and they are too big!  I'll have to show you my hat that will probably be too big for anyone to where because I don't have the right size needle.  I have a harmony circlular 16" needle size 7 in my cart at OH IT"S BEAUTIFUL too!  If anyone knows anything about knitting hats for kids, is this the right needle????
P.S.  Yes!  I wear alot of black!  I'm a big girl in a little girl body so I love the slimming effect...I do have many other shades. : )

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