The Athlete in Me!

Saturday, January 03, 2009 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

So on this episode...
I'm laying in bed and I keep thinking of what it used to feel like to RUN.
I don't mean struggling to run, I mean like it was a natural thing, like a deer.
When I was growing up I had fields and fields and miles of nature to run in, climb, crawl through, lay in...
So, I'm laying in bed remembering the feeling of running with ease.  Wondering if I'll ever feel that again.
As I child anything atheletic was appealing.  I always wanted to be the one that could run the fastest, hang on the pull up bar the longest, stretch the farthest.  I wanted to do it all and do it the best.  And there were times when I did.  So now what?  What am I going to do to feel this way again?
In my Dreams I...
I do, I dream these things.
So, what do I have to do to feel these things for real.  I have to start moving my body and working towards these things.  See, my theory is simple and I think it HAS to work.
If I want to run, I run.
If I want to flip, I flip.
If I want to twirl, I twirl.
So if my theory is correct, I need to...
go to the Yoga Class
go to the Pilates Class
hop on the Treadmill
hop on the Eliptical
jump in the pool
when I get the opportunity to do any of these things I dream about.
Now eat greens, eat reds, eat some yellows, eat some beautiful God given food.
Eat the things that have been raised up by someones hands.
Eat the veggies, eat the raw breads, eat the freshest fruits.
You know, now those Mozzerella Sticks don't sound so good.
Now, sleeping late doesn't sound so appealing.
Now, Taco Bell just sounds gross!
So here's the Skinny to get me Fit!
I'm weighing in this morning at
226.4 pounds!
OMGoodness, Right!
Here's my goal
125 pds!
How much to I have to lose?
101.4 Pounds!
How much time?
1 Year
So, that's less than 2 pounds a week.
Are you with me?
p.s.  I promise ALL my posts won't be about this...I do have things I have to do.  So, it'll probably be once a week, let's say EVERY FRIDAY!  I'll post progress, I'll looking for a progress bar so hang with me ladies.


  1. Yippeeeee!!!! I am so excited to get started. I can't afford classes at the moment but will be looking on the net for exercises that I can do here at home. I know there are alot of them out there. I am saying prayers for us to get the job done with the help of our gracious God.

  2. I am with you. I have lost forty pounds since July and have many more to go. I weigh in at my Drs office Tuesday and I have gained some back (some is muscle mass, some is overeating over the holiday). I'm not looking for a weight though exactly but I want to wear a particular size.

  3. GOOD LUCK! I'm big on running. I have the mentality of eat whatever you want (in moderation) and run your butt off! I'm not big on dieting, but LOVE working out.

  4. I am with you! I just had a baby 3 months ago and I lost my entire 50 pound weight gain from her!! BUT I still have 30 pounds to lose to be back to where I was when I was 19 and had my now 2.5 year old. I was doing great with going to the gym almost every day (thats how I just lost 50 pounds in 3 months) BUT I start work tomorrow for the first time in almost a year (i had a hard pregnancy with my daughter) and Im just not sure how i can fit that in without losing family time. But I am going to try.

    Good luck!!!!!!

  5. good luck!! i wish i could run too!!! i don't know how as you get older you get so much more out of shape! i know it sounds silly but i'm trying to get into shape before i get pregnant just so i can have the same healthy mentality before/during/after my pregnancy! the service i use is it's a monthly program and you can restart it every month. i like it because i'm always online and i just like to be able to keep record of my calorie intake and it also tells you how many calories you burn with your exercise.


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