Take it Easy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008 Aimee Larsen 6 Comments

Well, I wanted to get a big head start but you know sometimes I think we get a hint from up above that we need to slow down. I had to take baby Jake the Steak to the ER today. He had a terrible rash and swelling I'd never seen before on his little "private" turns out it's yeast. I've never seen this before so it is new to me. It's so pitiful...any remedies???? The prescription was going to be over $100 with insurance. I bought some monostat and game home to contemplate where $100 is going to come from, number one and number two, is a $100 prescription necessary? I'm calling his pediatrician first thing in the morning.
The second hint has been plaguing me for days now. I have a sore throat, the cough won't go away and my throat feels like I'm trying to swallow cotton. It's not painful, just dry. So, I'm going to spend a few more days, cleaning, doing laundry and resting with the kids. Then we are going to try to have a good time for New Years and I'll be ready to go I'm sure for the 7th.
So I'm going to sit here a little long and watch "House MD". Wish I was a medical genius and didn't have to go to the ER for yeast infections and then go to bed.


  1. Poor Baby Jack! I hope his doctor has an alternative to the expensive prescription for you!

  2. Get him to eat yogurt. The probiotics in it balance out your system that allows yeast to grow.

    As for you, gargle with warm salty water. Also sniff it. There's some nasty stuff like this going around.

    Think of it this way. At least it was on THIS YEAR'S deductible and not next years.

  3. One of my boys had this before & I did have to use the med.... I hope maybe the doctor can find something alittle cheaper.
    Sorry to hear about him and you too.. I do hope you guys get rested up this week.. Take a break...

  4. my dd got yeast infections a LOT as a baby. What worked really well for us was an herbal remedy called 'gentian violet'. It stains like a sun-of-a-gun but works like a charm. They sell it at my super wal-mart for $3 or $4. Hope he gets better! oh, and try some "Emergen-C" for yourself, it always works when I feel a cold or flu coming on (also sold at Wal-mart, do they have those in GA?). Anyway, I love your blog!!

  5. Just found your blog...and so enjoyed reading it...wish I had an answer for you. It's hard to see our little ones uncomfortable. Will be praying that you find a satisfactory solution...and you WILL!!!!
    Happy New Year...and get feeling better yourself.

  6. My family just got done with all the scratchy throats and flu bug. My mom told me to wash everything, bedding including pillows and air out the house if possible. Use Lysol as much as possible. I thought she was crazy, but I did it and I think it helped us get over the bug faster. Hope you and little man are feeling better soon. ;0)


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