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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

anyone that knows me knows, I didn't vote for Obama! Not that it did any good and he is in my prayers, he's going to need them. My blog is personal to me and so when I saw this video while browsing blogs for a while, I had to repost it. It's more about how Media affected the vote of America, than by the facts that lay before us. Southern Breeze! I thank you! How Obama Got Elected Yes! Elections are over, but something tells me... Southern Breeze said it best. Alright, alright...I know I'll never be over it. But I just had to throw that into the mix today! I'll post Christmas later, I'm off to make 8 angel costumes, 12 sheep, and who knows what else for the Christmas play. I'll show you pictures of our Rock City trip last night IT WAS SO FUN! It rained the whole time, note the sarcasm! Plus, there's an interesting twist to what we came home to last night as well!!!!

In response to a "hateful" comment!

P.S.  Unlike what someone commented to me, this has nothing to do with race.  I have a niece and a nephew that are black, my husband has cousins whose parents are black and white and many of my best friends are black as well and NON of them voted for Obama because of HIS race.  Couples that go to our church that I dearly love, I could go on...I DO NOT SEE COLOR.  It has EVERYTHING to do with my belief that babies should not be aborted, I don't believe that being gay is "genetic" I do believe it's a choice, and I do believe that Christ died for us and that is the foundation of America.  All the while loving these people because they are God's creatures just like my family and I.   I will never again make the mistake in voting for someone I don't believe in.  See, I've made that mistake before.  So, while Obama might be a "great" guy.  He does not stand for what I believe in and this was simply a message about how the "media" affected votes and that should NEVER happen.  So to whomever was out there that "anom" threw around the word "racist" to me.  I think you have just PROVEN yourself so!  It's people like you that you that make a person see color and race.  I have no idea if you are black, white, yellow or red but I love them all!  Oh and to be a Christian means that you ARE NOT racisit.  You simply can not love like Jesus and be that way.

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