Eliminate the CHAOS!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

Have you ever heard the term: I "can't have anyone over"syndrome.  Well, I have that syndrome way too many times a week.
Does your office or craft area look like this?
Do you Avoid doing this?
Do you kids rooms look like this?
Do you want to be more like this????
I want the pink gloves, the pretty hair, the apron tied on nicely, the organized kitchen, clean dishes, and maybe eve a pretty smile ALL DAY!
Well, let's just settle for a cleaner house daily, more time for the kids, more time for the crafts and less time doing all of the "chores" around the house!
I'm Inviting You!!!
Everday, we are all going to work together during the month of January to Eliminate the Chaos!
We are going to clean our closets, sweep under the couches and even wash our windows.
We are going to do it all and we are going to have the house we are PROUD of!
So, Join me starting January 7th (because the kids go back to school & it's my birthday) and we will begin the journey together.
Grab the tag up there to the right and add it to your blog or create a shortcut on your desktop to come directly here every morning.  We are going to do this TOGETHER ladies.
We are going to take back our homes!
We are going to win over our husbands!
We are going remove the denial!
Now from January 1st - 6th, we are going to prepare ourselves.  We are going to do these three things daily and start checking our lists.  So we'll be ready!
1. Take 1 day to completely clean your kitchen from top to bottom
2. Organize your cleaning supplies.
3. Make a list of all the improvements you want to make.
The kitchen is the center of every home.  I'm giving you almost 2 weeks get it clean, we'll organize later.
You need to always know what you have to work with.
You need a game plan.
We are going to ELIMINATE the CHAOS
to uncover
I want you lists, pictures, stories, everything you wan to share!  We're posting it here in January!
I'll show you mine, you show me yours.  Send me your blog photos or just photos, your stories whatever and I'm dying to have a few "guest bloggers".
Spread the word!


  1. All right. (My frustration add-on isn't working. So, imagine my slumped shoulders and the huffy sounds I'm making.)


    But only because your birthday is the DAY BEFORE MINE!!!

    I don't know how I'll do it. I'll probably fail miserably. January is also birthday month for Sissy's (20th) and Lucky (25th). I may extend into February!

    Hope your Christmas was joyful!

  2. good idea.... I look forward to what you will come up with..:)

  3. I soo need to eliminate the chaos!!!


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