Easy Felt Project for Kids

Thursday, December 04, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I made this today and thought it would be easy for kids to make for their friends this Christmas.  Or even for birthdays coming up.  There's even a BOY version
Felt - 9" by 18" piece flesh colored
Scraps for face, hair and flowers.
Ribbon for purse
Fabric Glue/Low Temp Glue Gun/Sewing Machine
Directions: Print patterns.  Cut ovals according to outer line of pattern.  Machine stitch two sections together for each case (great for teaching sewing skills).  Leave an opening at bottom end for eyeglass case at top for pouch.  Stitch ribbons in if making a purse.  You could also use this as a pouch to hold hair accessories and clip hair bows to the ribbon.
Cut flowers and facial features as desired, use pattern for hair.  Allow it to dry and spray with Scotchgard fabric protector.  I decorated it and then sewn the two ovals together.  You can do it either way. 
Kids are naturally good at cuting out and being creative so however they want to make their mouths, eyes, etc let them  I was dying to try eyelashes but I did good to cut the flowers out. ; )

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  1. I make all my granddaughters hairbows She's running out of places to put her hairbows Thank you for the tutorial As soon as I get out of hospital I'm going to make this for my granddaughter Again thank you for the tutorial & pattern I'll leave a message after I get out of hospital & make this for my granddaughter


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