Day 8 or 9 or 7 I forget which!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

No wonder I've lost count, check out all we've done since last week.
Let's start with my husbands birthday.
In a mad rush I had to go to the store to get the "stuff" for my lasagne and cupcakes (Carrot Cake) to be exact.  He wouldn't have any other kind.  Oh, yea...I did burn the top a little but it was still divine!
Then, that night I made "Nativity Scenes" with the kids at church using popsicle sticks and old Christmas Cards.  These were kind of pulled out of no where so I thought they turned out cute, even with a little star on top and of course my sons had to be different, he's didn't have straight sides with an over hang, his were a pentagon.  Crazy Kid!  Notice the excess glue on mine!  I am as bad as a kid.
Then I had a sewing class that I taught!  NAH!  Just kidding but it did feel a little like a class, a couple of church ladies and I worked on costumes for the kids Christmas Play!  O' goodness are we in trouble.  Check out this lamb costume.
We are finishing them off with black shirts and pants.  Are they "SEW CUTE"...I know, right?
We used fluffy felt for the body and just cut the neck out and sew up just far enough to leave arm holes.  If you ever need instructions, e-mail me.
Even those that don't sew had a job!  Like cutting off the bills to the hats with surgical blades!
Oh and I learned to use this!
to make
These are Evan's gift for his classroom at school.  They don't receive gifts, they give gifts to the class that everyone can use.  They do get to open them  and play with them.  These are blocks I made using a "Seasons" book. Want to know here.  I need to add this to my tutorials page! I know!
Fah La La La La, La La La La!!!!!
As loud as you can all the way to Lookout Mtn to "See Rock City"
These kids crack me up!!!
Evan "shhh's" us the whole way and I drive hubby MAD!  I'm so obnoxious.  I like to sing like Jessica Simpson and I can only describe what it's like to my husband but really he gets it when I sing like her!
You know what I'm talking about???
So anyway!  Aren't my boys sweet all holding hands.  Evan and Dady and Cooper and Jake.
I just love my guys.  This is one of the very few I took at Rock City because it RAINED the whole time.
He's almost done!  Not yet!
Isn't Coopers Beautiful!
Okay! He's done!
Those suckers cost $3 a piece!
See his wet hair!  Yea!  It rained one of thos slow, cold drizzles theWHOLE time.
This was the stop to the indoors to make $6 worth of cookies and I don't even know where they are right this second, I know they didn't eat them.
Well, that's a week in review I guess!  Today we made angel costumes and tonight we are making more ornaments and snowflakes for the windows!
FUNNN!  Really...we did have a great time!!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention what we came home to last night.  This......
In our front yard!!!!
A water main broke and had a river washing away our front yard right next to our driveway...I'l take pictures tomorrow and we had the water company (whom I could kiss now) was out ALLL night fixing it.  Thank GOD! the kids slept!
So, this morning there is a lovely copper pipe coming out of our front yard spraying water ALLL day!  and apparently ALLL night too!  YAY!!!  Oh and our meter is out so all of our water usage is FREE until it's fixed!
I'm very grateful for my running water, my flushing toilets, my workable dishwaser, my cleaner laundry, my squeaky clean kids, etc.  Thank you God for that too!


  1. I've planned/dreamed to take Sissy to Rock City for Christmas but have never been able to fit it in. It looks like fun. Even if you got wet.

  2. Love it....Love the Lasagna...yummy...the cupcakes look divine...and those blocks...ingenius....I'm so your newest follower....

  3. Wow I love your blog. I just found you, and it was fun to look through your posts!


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