Day 6: God's Love

Thursday, December 18, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

First of all..this is my Christmas Card to you!
Second, I was e-mailing a friend this morning who is expecting her second child and two things happened. I remembered reading on someone else's blog in their profile that "I believe we will never truly understand the extent of God's Love." The second thing that happened was that I started describing the birth and acceptance of my second son. Undeniably, I love my children equally but different. So this part is my confession...
When Evan was born, I was in love with his big soft cheeks and sweetness! He was perfect and I was on pain medication...then I brought him home and after a day or so, thought, wow he doesn't look like Cooper, WOW, he's an ugly baby.
Now WAIT! Before you judge!
Let's take into account that
#1 this is postpartum
#2 i never got to see Cooper at home after a few days
#3 I'm still in the "how can I love him the same" mode.
So, after 2 weeks, I was ready to go back to work as my body bounced back so quickly. I still did the things I was supposed to. I snuggled with him, touched him constantly, let him sleep with me, everything I missed doing with my first baby but I still thought, man this kid is ugly. Really, it was just that he deflated after birth and was wrinkly and had a turned up nose that looked like it was going to stick that way. So, my little piggy was a good eater and he filled out. I can't tell you at what moment, I thought, MAN I LOVE THIS KID!
I can tell you that one day, I'd realized that my heart had not been divided but it had be multiplied.
So, this morning it became perfectly clear to me why we will never truly understand God's Great Love. We can try to, we can love him back but can you imagine all the millions and millions and billions of times His heart has been multiplied? He doesn't love us less every time a new soul is formed, he loves us more! I believe that also goes for all the little souls that never make it before leaving mothers womb. They are all God's babies.
I don't to go into depth today about what it means to "Be Saved" but when we are saved, we are "born again", we are "babies in Christ", we have to learn to walk, talk, listen, everything, all over again. I have to also confess...
When I saw our preachers daughter, accept Jesus as her Lord and saviour during our revival, I also saw the complete joy and relief of her father. It was like his daughter, who is around 20 years old, had been born again. It was like he had a new born baby. It was so touching and moving and everything you'd expect a parent to do when their baby is born. So, heartfelt and excited.
So, I say that to say this, if my preacher felt that way with as much love as he had for his daughter, can you imagine how God must feel when we finally say...
"Jesus, thank you for dying for my sins, nothing ever in the world could make my sins right with God, but you were able to do that. You were able to give me a way to know my Heavenly Father, you were my savior from despair and a life that is lost and meaningless. You are my friend and you love me and I love you and thank you. Now please, come into my life, fill it with peace, love, joy and all the goodness that you want me to have."
Can you imagine how it must feel to our Father to see us accept his gift in Jesus?
Can you imagine how it must feel to be born again into your Father's arms?
Can you imagine how He feels when we deny him?
Can you imagine?
I can imagine the second question, because it has happened to me, but I can never begin to imagine the first.
That's why I love singing "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me.
So, over in my little corner of the world this morning, I feel God's love and now, it's time for me to thank Him! Have a blessed day!

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  1. What a beautiful card, your family is gorgeous! This post made me laugh, then smile, then nod my head in agreement. Perfect!


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