Day 5: So much to do, so little time...

Friday, December 19, 2008 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

I spent ALL day making this sucker.  Why?
I bought her kit for $10.00 (love it)
I knew I had the printable fabric...FOUND IT
Then I had to cut my own fabric....FOUND IT
Then Jake stole my clear vinyl....FOUND IT
So, now I'm ready to get started.
I start up my Corel Paint Shop and go, I spend about an 1 doing the design for my printable fabric and then hit save as...what???  What happened?  It's gone!  Didn't save!
So, I thought I'd try to find it...NOT FOUND
Start Over!
Now, as you can see it is complete.  However!  I'm am going to do a tutorial for this one.
I'm even going to provide you with the image I used to print on my fabric.  Use the "How to Bind a Quilt" method in my Free Tutorials and Patterns section and  go!
As soon as the tutorial and pattern is ready, I'll post it!
These are super fun to make and really aren't as hard as I made it sound, I just made everything to hard on this day, even pancakes (they had to have chocolate chips).
On a brighter note....
Jake the Steak Says Hi!
Yes, he's painting!
Let an 18 month old paint?
Yep, remember those "Paint with Water" books.
I found an old Lisa Frank one of mine.
He loved it!
Time to redo my Christmas List!


  1. These are so cool!! someday ima be crafty enough to make one lol

  2. I have been wanting to do one of those!

  3. you did an awesome job.....and Jake is really too cute for cuddly...


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