Day 3: Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Top Heavy!

Sunday, December 21, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Do please notice how all of my beautiful ornaments have slowly migrated up to the top of my tree in an oddly tacky fashion.
I wonder why???
Without even realizing I took a photo of 3 of my favorite things.
1. My pre-lit tree has "HHHUUGE" bulbs
2. I love to put glittered pinecones on this particular tree, it's SO Aspen.
3. I love my homemade 2007 "cookie" ornaments!
Cooper brought home this little pasta angel from school this year!
I thought it was so PRETTY!  even for pasta!  Also notice our tree has two odd strings of Fruit Loops, yah!
This is my FAVORITE ornament.
It's a foam gingerbread man that Cooper made and has glitter all over it and his sweet picture from when he was 3 years old and his over alls were crooked.  Oh I love it!
Oh and just behind it is my engraved bear from the year I was born.
It's not really as elegant an engraving as they do now but it's SO special to me.
This one is one I probably would never buy myself but my Mom gave it to me.  It's by fanciful flights and it's the "mom".  It has a present, first aid kit, purse and a few other things.  I thought, how appropriate now if I could just learn to "FLY".
Now, show me yours!

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  1. What a pretty tree...and the pasta professional....


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