Day 21: The Coolest Gifts (for kids) Ever

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If I had to pick one gift to give my children this year it would be a fully paid college education!!! Ready and Waiting, right? Well, I've been doing a little research (okay alot) to find gifts that I'd love to give my kids. Can you imagine their faces Christmas morning waking up to this great stuff.
I've got to get this book for Cooper, I bought him a knock off version for his Birthday because it was at Target but I've read this book and LOVED it(bought it for my cousin's little boy and HAD to read it). The Dangerous Book for Boys is so awesome and they have them for girls to The Daring Book for Girls. They have these game cards, pocket versions and even board games. Oh and did I mention I got a book for moms too.
I'm in love with this website.  This designer is great at repurposing things.  You have to drop by and check it out.  It's called StudioMama.  How awesome would it be if you had a room big enough for a room....AND would you put a room in it?
This is the "Beach House"  istn't it CUTE!
Just go see it!
See I have 3 boys!  They like to cook and pretend too but this would be perfect.  It would roll up and put away easily.  Pull out and play with just as quickly and would give them a chance to "roll play" which is much more important than playing the Wii.  This is a Tutorial (which I'm going to add to my growing list) By Balancing Everything.  Cool!  So, you can just make one of these and save a buck or two.
I LOVE stuffed animals that look homemade!  I'm dying to make a giraffe.  I have the pattern, just need to sew it!  So to get a super cute handmade gift straight from New York.  VerySweetLife also has sewing, they need to do virtual ones too!
Thinking of Going Green this Christmas.  These little toys are made Eco Friendly by Earthentree.
What I like is that they are shiney.  Unlike other "earth friendly" toys which are generally muted.  So, this is just a little diferent.  I'm taking you straight to the "Best Sellers" page!
OMGoodness...these are awesome!  I love them!  They are ugly and cute at the same time and how FUN!
There is this totally cool website called OddDoll and if you haven't seen it you should.  Especially if you need a unique gift this holiday season.
Max Push
Hand made by Switzerland's Sirch, this is one of the new classics made by Sirch. Just when you'd resigned yourself to watching your tot zoom up and down halls and around the park on a plastic mass-produced push toy, along comes the modern Max car from Switzerland. Features steam-curved plywood and "whisper-quiet" plastic wheels that can be used both inside and outside. There's a trailer for Max called Lorette. IMAGINE THAT:  the "trailor" that follows behind is a GIRL. WHAT!!!

If you've read my earlier post about my boys "Letter to Santa" you know that Cooper asked for a little toy house.  If I don't decide to give him mine which is 30 years old, I might like to find something like this.  This "gender neutral" house and others can be found HERE!
If you're crafty you can do this with chalkboard paint.  If you're not you can buy these. They are sold at Fawn&Forest and they are called Chalkals.  Aren't they fabulous.  If anyone paints something like this one their walls...PLEASE send me a picture!  Oh and the fireplace was $85.  I think it might have been the most expensive.  I LOOOVEEE the owls!
Do you even know how much I would have LOVED this as a kid.  I grew up with my cousins, playing on the farm and in the sand boxes just like the boys!  So a PINK TONKA!  I'd rule!  There's this website called Dinosaurs and Robots and their stuff is so RAD!  Yes I know!
All right!  I think that means I'm officially pooooped from looking at toys!  Wishing I was 6 years old again!  Then Cooper and I could be best friends!  Well, I'm GOING to find more great toys for you guys!  I promise but these are for today and so I want you to sit back and enjoy them and maybe even order a few.  Or do like I might in about 5 minutes and grab and extra Tonka truck and a can of pink spray paint!
Have a Good One!
Oh and if you haven't!  Grab my button up there in the upper right hand corner and add it to your blog...why wouldn't you want to share this stuff!  I know I'm excited about it.  If you have an idea or find a great toy I should share...let me know!
Love you guys!

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