Day 20: Fabulous Front Doors

Thursday, December 04, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Can you believe only 20 more days...I'm getting butterflies.  I swear I'm just like a little kid this year!  So, I finished my front door on Tuesday!  Yippee!  I used everything that I already had.  Last year I hung garland with oversized ornaments and put lights on my topiary thingys.  This year I went to our local thrift store just as they were putting out Christmas stuff and found this huge roll of wired ribbon.  It was tagged at $.79.  Then on the side of the ribbon roll was the original prices. $45.99.  WHOA!  Did I get a good deal.  Then I started looking and I found the matching bow that someone had already made and it was $.25!  So, I brought them home and they've been patiently waiting for me to bring them out in all their splendor!  Now this ribbon is more like high end fabric on a skinny roll with wire.  It's Awesome.  It even looks pretty on the roll and I'm sure my camera didn't to do justice.  Okay...enough already, here is my front door and a few of my other favorites!
I had to show you my little doves first.  Now, these doves are special.  They came off a flower arrangement when my Papaw died 12 years ago and when I asked my mom to make me a winter wreath she put them on.  I've moved them to this new wreath because one year I left it out too long into spring and a real little birdy started building a nest and it has the perfect little white feathers.  That little birdy didn't stick around but left the sweetest little nest.  Also, the wreath itself was always pretty because it has what looks like ice drops on the tips of the wreath.  It was a target after Christmas steal years ago.  Now, it's been redone and reused.
Well, here you go!  That's me standing in the walkway with my reflection in the door taking a picture! ; )  Okay, so I'm done and I think I'll be more impressed at night.  It's all about the lights anyway right?
Next year I'm getting bigger garland this 7 year old garland is getting sad I think!  Oh, well, it'll work!  Like the bows?
Now for a few of my favorites...
I mostly love ThriftDecorChicks door because she has the beautiful gold "Welcome" on the door.  I can't do that on mine because of the glass.  I also can't add my beautiful gold door knocker my mom bought us when we were building our house because I had to go and pick a door with a glass front!  I love it but the grass is always greener right?  Well, her doorway looks so cozy!
I like the way the ribbon used to hang these wreaths and the seashells!
OOOO!  Lights!  I'm a kid again!
HMMM!  The purple is so Delicious!
Then the simple greenery in that wreath is Heaven!
Couldn't you just Die!  Makes me want a cute little girl...for about 10 seconds.
Then look at the topiaries.  Beautiful and it's by
I want it, I want it, I want it!
I tell you needs to read more often!
Or Deck it out Dollywood Style!
I love Dolly!!!
Did you know Dolly and her husband were married in my little home down of Ringgold?
Yea!  One of the signs blew upside down.
Just thought I'd share that.  I found this great blog of a photographer who takes pictures of places in our area.  So I'm sharing it so you can get an idea of what I get to see!  It's Northwest Georgia in all it's Splendor

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