Day 2: Breakfast with Santa

Monday, December 22, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

This is SO fun for kids.  I recently read a post about a Mom who didn't want her kids to believe in Santa and then one day her oldest son was being a little pushy to another kid about the fact that he doesn't exist.  So, after a conversation with her mom, she'd decided that her son, "needed" to be a little like other kids even it were temporary.  So, she hooked up the "automatic" lights, talked to her son about Santa and then when the lights "magically" came on, he believed. 
I too don't put much emphasis on Santa but we do let our children believe.  Only because I say "if you don't believe Santa doesn't come".  Now, that's true.  He doesn't.  But in their baby hearts they do believe and he does come for them and there's something magical about waking up on Christmas morning to find gifts that have been planted but this guy called "Santa Claus".
I remember being a little girl and the feeling of anticipation and I also remember when I didn't have that feeling anymore.  It's kinda cool having that feeling.  Since I was older, it wasn't a disappointment to learn, it was like being let in a secret club.  It is kinda like the movie polar express when they don't hear the bell ring anymore.
I think Evan recognized Santa's voice this time.  Oops!
So, anyway...we put our emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas.
When you ask our kids what Christmas is about, Cooper will pipe up and say...
It's about giving because God gave his Son!
and Celebrating the Good News!
That's exactly what I want to hear.  The giving of gifts is a symbol of what God did for us.  It's not about the gifts, it's not about how many.  Even if they got just one, I think they'd be okay with that.
So, at our house this "Santa" guy brings one gift, we give the rest and like I mentioned earlier, we do 3 more to represent Gold, Frankenscence and Myrr.
I think the best part for these kids were the endless pancakes!
I also thinking I'm going to adopt David and Betty Watson to be "Adopted Grandparents" to my kids.
My kids just LOVE them!
Our Christmas Play!


  1. how cute are they...and what a great story...I love how you've actually thought about the gifts...instead of giving 30 just because....

  2. Oh this was so awesome! I remember doing this when I was a kid. It was such a thrill when Santa walked through the door. Thanks for a great memory. Your little ones are beautiful. BTW love the Homespun blog banner. Perfectly lovely. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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