Day 19: The Reason for the Season

Friday, December 05, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I inherited this it's my favorite!
When I was little I used to lie on my belly on the floor and play with these little figures.  Through the years only one donkey and a cow have managed to loose and ear and there is no other damage.  I used to imagine what it must have been like for Mary to start a family, to carry a child, to be a mom, because those were my dreams.  I never really thought much about the fact that she was carrying "The King" inside of her and she had been intrusted with such precious cargo.  "Precious Cargo" that's what my mom calls my babies when we are driving around town. 
I'd have to say Mary has a special place in my heart for many reasons.  But mostly for being the Mom that God wanted her to be (like I want to be).  He knew she would be.  We always read and talk about "God giving his only Son", can you imagine being Mary and giving your son too.  See, our children really aren't ours.  They are simply on loan to us to care for and nuture and to raise them the way the God intends us too.  Because each child, each little miracle has it's place in the world from the very moment it is created.  Each one has a purpose.  So, this Christmas season, pull your babies up into your lap and read or tell them the story of Mary and Joseph and the Birth of Baby Jesus.  If you don't have a nativity, there are lots of ways to create one.  If you are lucky enough to have one, give it a promenant place in your home.
Below are some ideas and some nativities I really like.
I like that Mary is holding the baby in this one.  It's by
Here's the "Little People" version!
Check out this Plush Version.  It's musical too!  $24.95, not bad.
To Buy or Not to Buy???
Urchin Nativity
Hey FamilyFun has instructions for making a Nativity with your kids using Pipe Cleaners and Yarn.  Go over and see if you can do one and if you do send me a picture.
I had to show you this one!
Alessi Nativity Scene with Egg Cups and Salt and Pepper Shakers
It's FREE shipping and only $90

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  1. thanks for this post. i too love remembering the reason for the season! it is a magical story! joseph and mary are such amazing examples of true faith. what it must have been like to raise the Son of God. i'm so grateful i KNOW of this story, and that i KNOW it is true. the knowledge blesses me and my family daily. i'm glad to say that the first nativiy featured (willow tree one) on this post, sits on my mantal. and i'm even more excited to continue teaching my sweet baby of it's symbolism. thanks again for sharing your sweet testimony of the most important part of the holiday!


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