Day 15: A Christmas Story

Tuesday, December 09, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

The Little Red Train.
"Red is a Christmas Color, isn't?" said Cooper so this story is about our little red train. 
One day there was a little red train that loved Christmas and it rolled around every part of the snow.  And the snow was on the tracks.  One day the train hit a rock on the tracks and then the wheel part on it's wheel, it broke.  So he went to the work shop and they fixed him up.  He started on the tracks again and went to his little shed.  He took a nap that was short and he had a short dream.  He dreamed about a little white train  that drove on land, it didn't need tracks because it had car wheels and it could go anywhere except the tracks.  It was different than every other train.  He'd take the people on the roads all the way around the world.  He even got to play with other trains but he had to stay by the tracks.  While he was at the tracks he could talk to the trains and the trains could talk to him.  One day the trains went to their shed but he had to go to a garage.  He was the only train in the garage.  Then the little red train woke from his dream and he went to see the other trains and tell them about his dream.  He was thankful that he could still drive on tracks and visit his friends in the shed.
Cooper said "write the end" so...
Yesterdays Advent Calendar was to write a story with your child and publish it online!

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