Day 11: Chalkboard Table???

Friday, December 12, 2008 Aimee Larsen 6 Comments

The reason I'm posting about this table is because once again, I've decided I love it.
I did all my Mod Podge on it Tuesday night and on Wednesday it came perfectly clean.
It has been scratched up some but I can always put a fresh coat on top.
Here are a few ideas to do with it if you have a kitchen table with "Chalkboard Paint" on it.
Obviously play games. It'll keep the kids busy and out from under your feet while you cook. There are tons of games to play,
Leave your husband a note! Or yourself one when husband doesn't notice. Maybe a message to the kids if they get home before you do after school. In my case, we also practice writing letters, spelling words, numbers and math problems.
This is fun! We also draw a stove top and sink and whatever we can think of. Roads for our cards, tracks for our trains. So that's why it's a little scratched but like I said, it's easy to fix.
Also, it's the EASY paint to clean, stuck on food wipes right when cleaning.
If you don't want to do your kitchen table...maybe another surface.
Or you can buy from a broad selection of colors for $24.95 here.


  1. i loooove the chalkboard paint/spraypaint! there are sooo many things you can do with it! i made my nephew a table a few years back and he loves it! his mom not so much because he got chalk EVERYWHERE!!!!

  2. holy cow...that's the coolest table ever!

  3. I LOVE this idea. I have a second (third? fourth?) hand table that is very practical, but not that pretty. You say at the beginning, though, "I did all my Mod Podge on it Tuesday night and on Wednesday it came perfectly clean." But I'm not sure what you're Mod Podging? Thank you SO much for the inspiration. I'm going to get right on this!!

  4. Ok so I'm really late to comment but am wondering the same thing as Lisa. What did you mod Podge? Do you still love this table? What happens when food spills? Does it leave a greasy spot? We are seriously considering doing this next weekend and would love to hear more!


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