Day 10: The MOST awesomest Christmas gift download ideas...

Saturday, December 13, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I had to share this blog with all of my 5 readers today???!! Thanks for the comments gals! So anyway, you know I like homemade gifts and it seems to be the trend this year also during this hurtful economic crunch we are in (PRAY)! So, I found this site awhile back and put it on the list. It's called Lollychops! Apparently this girl makes THE cutest little wooden people that remind me of fixtures I had when I was little and the purchased for my babies nursery...blah blah right? ANNYYWAY, I just discovered her "download" page. I've tried my hand at making some downloads for you guys but this girl "takes the cake". Go check her out.
She's Got FOOD printouts you can make for Christmas!!!!!!
Luscious Labels
Terrific Tags & Swell Scalloped Ones
Cool Christmas Cards
Pear Note Cards
Check out these Recipe Cards & Measuring Equ.
Lollychops, Lollychops, O Lolly Lollychops
I {heart}you!


  1. I love these templates! Thanks for your fabulous posting!!

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