Day 1: The Reason for the Season a Christmas Play

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Let me just say that this is a far improvement from last years.  We had way more kids!  and much better costumes!
I think next year we should have an actual miniture manger on stage.  HOW CUTE!
Jake wasn't really going to be a sheep but we had an extra costume and I threw it on him, it swallowed him whole and he wouldn't wear the hat.
Now these are some adorable sheep.  Much better than last years pantyhose hats and t shirts with batting taped to them.
This was the side view of the angels.  That's Cooper in his "Al from tool time" flannel shirt. HeHe!
Cooper wouldn't stay in one place long so this was the only shot of him.
Bless him, he had to wear a beard!
BUT he remembered his lines and attempted to whole song of "Away in a Manger".
I missed the first half because i was in the back with the sheep and shepards.
Oh, they were ALL so sweet.
What a blessing we have in our children at our church.
Even the little children can minister to us.
Hey!  8 angels and 12 sheep costumes and we even adapted one for "Baby Jack"
Yep!  He just army crawled around the front.
I just think the are ALL beautiful!
I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I'll be back on the 26th so come back and see what's going on!
It's BIG!

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