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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

So, I'm still sick as a dog. Jake is getting better, thank you for all your helpful comments. I finally got a prescription at $4 from Targets pharmacy. Now that I could afford. He's getting better quickly but I'm putting myself to bed because I'm not getting better. Basically, I'll spend about 2 hours total straightening up what the kids have destroyed, laundry and if they're lucky a meal or two ; ).
The rest of the time I'm staying in bed. My throat went from feeling like it had dry cotton to an all out swollen, full blown infection that is probably the most painful I've had in awhile. It's better today than yesterday and since my husband was SUPPOSED to have today off, I thought I could count on him to take care of the little ones. NOPE! He decided to go to work, I think he's avoiding me.
So, while I let the kids destroy the house, I'm lying in bed trying to figure out a new shopping cart for my store because Miva just wouldn't work right with Paypal. I'd get a payment but no order was recorded. So, I've installed and I'm going to use this new shopping cart system. It's harder to figure out but at least if a customer wants to purchase a pattern, I don't have to e-mail it. The system automatically generates the file to be downloaded. Yippee! So, let's just hope that Paypal decides to play nice.
If you have time, click "My Store" over to the right and play around. I'm going to move products over from my old store and list items that I have for sale.
I hope you have a Awesome New Years!

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