7 Steps to Eliminate CHAOS

Saturday, December 27, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

If you haven't visited http://www.executivehomemaker.com/ you should, mostly for the great downloads to help you get organized.  But then you'll need to organize all those downloads...HMM!
You can start here!
Let's do 7 things between now and January 7th to get started in our efforts to Eliminate the CHAOS.
1.  Make a List and Prioritize- From your laundry to quality time with your children, list all the things that are most important.  Most likely the number one thing will be at the top of your list.  Make a list and then go back and scratch off those things that may wait a little longer than the others. 
2.  Set Goals -   Let's say you want to make sure that you aren't doing laundry on Saturday, because it's already done.  Or maybe you want to strive to actually prepare more meals at home.  Whatever it is that you want to get better at make a note of it.
3. Delegate Time - If you can delegate time for basket ball practive, ballet, or church activities, you can delegate time in your week for organizing, decluttering, and basic cleaning.  Even SAHM's need to budget and organize time.  So take a quick look at your above lists and pencil in time daily, weekly and monthly to help you reach your goals.
4. Plan Ahead - Planning eliminates two kinds of Chaos, one being the "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" and the other a discription of your daily activities.  Let's ELIMINATE the CHAO's.  Use a scheduler, something that you look at daily.  Mine is the calendar on my bathroom wall, right in front of my scale. Which I stare at everymorning and usually can't believe what I'm writing or seeing.  So, I know if I have something important that day.  I don't use it on the fridge because some days I avoid the fridge completely.  So, check your schedule and plan ahead.  That could include, making sandwiches, ironing shirts, washing jeans, or even doing a quick wipe down in your guest bathroom (just in case).
5. Take Inventory - You need to know where you cleaning supplies are, where they are organized, what you have plenty of and what you need to replenish.  You need to take out empty boxes, bags or containers that you've intended to use for organizing.  You may also want to take mental notes of containers that need to be decluttered.  Take inventory of what you have to work with and that way if you think you'll need something you'll either know you have it or will know you don't so you can get it.
6. Enlist Help - Could it be your husband, mom, mother-in-law, sister???  Go ahead and call a friend or family member and ask nicely for some help.  We all need help getting things in and out of the attic, lifting toys and maybe even folding clothes.  You have to be ready to help in the future, whomever you enlist.  Keep that in mind.  It could even be as simple as asking someone to watch the kids just so you can get your floors mopped and dried. 
7. Develop a Routine - You need to have certain things that you'll do every morning as part of  your routine, this goes for evenings as well.  Maybe you will need to run a load of cloths first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.  Maybe you need to do a daily wipe down of kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  What ever you do, lace up those sneakers first thing in the morning, put a little make-up on, brush your hair and teeth and dress for success. If you want to succeed in keeping a cleaner home and ready for anyone.  You'll need to be ready to do both.  Try to look presentable at all times while still able to get all your goals accomplished.
Now, we're all in this together.
Please share your lists, goals, etc.
If you are interested in "guest blogging" let me know.
I can't wait to here your what you gals have to say!

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