Thanksgiving for the Kiddo's...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Oh, my gosh I just love these table decorations, I'm obsessed I think. I'm mean the kids are obsessed ; ) I love the use of pinecones and I love the idea of teaching them a little bit about the history of our country. I normally don't care for Turkey's but do you see the one down there that has the brad and the paper feathers that fan out...I'm SO doing that one (oh wait, it's not there now, I'll repost it). What about that little ship, wouldn't my boys just die if they came down stairs for dinner and found little ships sitting on their plates. They wouldn't eat for hours. OoOO...and those little finger puppet like, felt turkeys on a stick with pilgram hats! :( I don't have that color of felt...that means a run to hobby lobby :) AWWW! I'm so glad that I have boys! or should I say "THANKFUL" I have boys...they're going to love this stuff I'm not sure if I can do the big boat, nut holder thing but it looks cool. I wish airplanes looked that easy thought, I'd attempt an airplane. I need one for Jakes room! I've got this great idea...his room is painted like the sky so I bought some vintage looking airplane themed bedding from my neighbor for, get this $6.00! So, now i need a plane and some cool curtains for his window!
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