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Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

I went to a carseat safety thing when Evan was a baby and basically felt like the WORST MOM in the world.
I almost have a stroke everytime I see it happen.  When I went in to that safety thing, they said that there had just been a 2 week old baby KILLED by the handle of her carseat! 
I just saw a picture on a blog of a baby in a car with the handle up and SO when I'm not tooo upset, I'll explain more later!  FOR NOW, TRUST ME...put the handles down.  We should be telling moms this like we tell women to do breast exams!

Alright...I'm back!  I'm going to try to do this now but Evan may not let me.  I can hear him working up a fit and he'll be in here in a minute wanting in my lap and acting like a baby.  So bear with me?!

First off...let me give you an example of how inadequate labels on car seats are!  Click Here  Just be sure to come back and read the rest of this too!
I'll just tell you, like they told me.  The infant car seats are designed to MOVE!  They are designed so that the seat moves and not the baby.  You don't want your baby to move!  So, the seats in an accident are designed to protect your baby and granted most fail testing anyway but do what you can to protect your baby.  If your handle is up on the car seat this is what happens.  Seats are designed to move in a high impact crash in that for example they move towards the back of the seat of the car where it's soft and plush.  If the handle is up on your seat it prevents the car seat from continuting it's path to the soft back of the seat of the car.  Thus, the handle stops it, something has to move.  In the case of the baby that was killed.  The baby moved.  She was ejected by the force of the sudden stop caused by the handle and hit the hard handle itself.  Killing her! If the handle had been down, the seat would have probably just flipped towards the back, hit the soft padding and then went back into the original position?  Does that make sense?
So, what if that happened and there was a "mirror" on the soft padded seat?  Well, the baby's head could have hit the mirror and killed her.  DO NOT install mirrors in your car to look at your child.  I was told to learn my babies cries.  They'll be find and a rolled up receiving blanket around their heads is all they need to keep their heads up while sleeping.
What else???? OH, I had this thing in the seat that I'd bought to hold his head up while sleeping!  NEVER add anything to your infant carrier that wasn't tested with the carseat and this goes for taking off all heavy coats and clothing before strapping the baby in.  The material can compress on impact and create an space between the baby and the strap, thus a potential for your baby to be ejected from the carseat.
I think that ALL new parents should have to have carseats inspected.  I have some very educated friends that did not know how to put their baby in the carseat and before leaving the hospital the nurse about died.  They'd somehow put the babies legs throw the straps near the bottom before buckling the baby.  It was weird!   Make sure your baby is tight in the seat.  TIGHTEN those straps. 
I know there's more...okay for now.  TAKE your children, in their seats to the nearest facility that can inspect your carseats.  TODAY!   Dont' wait!  Trained professionals are best.  Sometimes even the fire department and police don't know what they are doing.  Call your local hospital to see if they can recommend a place.
handle down
no mirror
no added padding
no added anything
then, ready the manual and install the seat as it says too.
To ALL the parents that are at least using seats!  Give yourself a pat on the back!
If you know someone with a baby, pass this on.
Don't take my word for it!  Research it...
at the bottom of the above site are more sites!


  1. good post, really this should printed something on the seat.

  2. the most informative thing I have read all year!!!! I am going to post a link to this on my blog!

  3. I always have ours inspected too, it's a great, free service. My son was rear facing till just last week, and he's two (in three weeks!). If you look it up on youtube, there is a very informative video about it. (Kind of hard to watch.) Very little people know that you can and should leave them rear facing for as long as possible! I never knew either till my son was born! Thanks for posting this info...


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