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You know, it's the little things in life that make me so happy. First I went to the dollar store to get my kids tear-free shampoo (I love that word... Shampooooo) and there was ONE, only one bottle of children's Acetaminophen. YIPEE! That saved me some serious money and another trip to another store. But what I'm MOST excited about is the book that came in the mail. My husband gave me a $10 gift certificate to Borders. So I went online to find a book for the kids and found a book for me. They literally probably have 1000 books (literally) so I don't think they'll miss it but Check this out... "The MOM's Book For the Mom who's best at everything". Now, I'm not the best at everything but with this book, I can strap on an apron and really feel like a SUPER MOM! I can not wait to read it. I literally squealed at the mailbox! My kids think I'm crazy today anyway, I let Evan help hang up clothes. HA HA! It was fun though! (clapping hands "I did it", he'd say) AWE! Right? So, OH and before I forget about my other $1.00 find. This super nice looking (and I say "nice looking" for a reason) table runner. I've never had a table runner! For $1.00 I'm taking that baby upstairs and embroidering initials on each end! HORRAY for me! It's pretty, think but pretty and I don't think anyone will know that it isn't something from Macy's until they pick it up and they'd better not pick it up! So, I'm putting two kids down for a nap, running another load of cloths and I'm putting my feet up to read a little bit...wish me luck!

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