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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

How many of you have those UGLY wire shelves in your Laundry Room, raise your hand?
ME, TOO! And I've hated them for years. Sure they serve a function but I hate looking at a bunch of bins and boxes overflowing all of the time on those ugly wire shelves. So.....
I fixed it. We couldn't afford tobuy any cabinets like I really want and if you want to get technical, the whole layout isn't what I wanted but that's for another day. Below, I've added instructions for making this cover. I already had the fabric and ribbon. So what you'll need to do is measure the width and height of your shelves. Add 2 inches to the H x W. Also get yourself a roll of ribbon or two. You'll need a minimum of 8 inches per piece to tie a bow. I used 18 inches.
(pssst...can you see my little shutters in the window? $1.49 at our local thrift store, keeps the neighbors from peering in that live behind us {not that they would} but it was cheaper than blinds)
Now, you'll either need your sewing machine or this stuff...
Alright, below is a picture of a piece of fabric cut 2 inches wider and taller than needed.
The image underneath demonstrates the 1 inch perimeter that you need to fold over to the back of your fabric and iron down.
Now, you'll need a needle and thread, sewing machine or small safety pins. Attach your ribbons on the 1 inch folded mark at the top of your fabric. Put one ribbon in each corner and make sure you find the middle of your ribbon each time. Trim your ribbons end and take a lighter and very lightly heat the ends to seal them. You'll see them melt slightly...just don't burn them. Put a ribbon in the middle of your fabric 1 inch down, right on the fold line and if you need more in between measure them equal distances apart.
Now, using your Stitch Witchery or sewing machine fold the sides in and iron them down following the instructions on the package. Fold the bottom and top as well. Your ribbons should be right at the top edge of your fabric. Now, hang them on your shelves.

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