Handmade Christmas Gifts ARE Safe for Kids!

Thursday, November 20, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Oh My Goodness...I could shop all day online in stores like these below.
Are you looking for safe, handmade items for your little ones.
The list could go on and on and on...SOOO, I'll post more later.
Visit the below stores by clicking on their images!
BeneathTheRowanTree has the CUTEST little felt animals!
CatzintheHouse has the most awesome wooden toys. Just look at the detail on those plane wheels!
You can buy felted play food instead of plastic food! These are from a cute little store called AHungerArtist Or you can make your own using patterns from http://www.digistitches.com/ Or these by BeckyM I COULD go on forever...
Someone recently posted a comment asking about safe, wooden and cloth toys for kids.
I have a few blocks that I attempted to sell on etsy but look at all these great toys. PLUS, when you buy these you are also buying handmade! Add yourself under "Followers" top right and check back for more great Christmas Gifts! Oh!!! Dont' forget my baby shoe patterns in my etsy store. See to the right, also.
ALSO! Take advantage of some of the Free Tutorials and Patterns on my sight that I've found, and make tons of your own gifts. Baby Blocks, Rings, Shoes, Blankets...
WARNING! If you're not creative...you soon will be!


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