fall foliage and a front door

Monday, November 10, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Halloween is over so I needed to upgrade for fall a bit. Thanksgiving will be here soon and so will guests. I'd already taken down my old wreath, the fall leaves were "falling out" and I didn't want a traditional wreath. So, I took all the foliage off the wreath and stuck it in this dollar store door decoration which was pretty sad until I added to it. I REALLY just loved the birch bark container. Notice the sloppy hay bails. Cooper likes sitting on them while waiting for the school bus but our rocking chairs will have to do. That hay is outta here. The pumpkins looked sloppy to me too. Plus, LOOK UP! Do you see my winding, scary looking dead vine....time to go!
HA! You can see me taking the picture! Well, I wanted a close up of the arrangement on the door to show you the birch bark container I got at the DOLLAR store. Cool huh!
I dug these old things out again and stuck them in the pots but then what...old vines or green ones. Watch what a little "artificial" life brings to these things....
Voila! I just slipped some grapevines around the bottom to dress it up a bit. I think that's all it needs...now, I'm getting rid of the hay bails. Literally, I just tossed them off the porch until I figure out what to do with them. Which I need to decide before dark!
Wow! I just swept, put back the pumpkins and I think it looks much better than before and ready for fall. I don't know if you could see it but I did have a cornucopia with foliage in it and miniature pumpkins and I just put it back on the dining room table. What do you think? Do I need anything else! I'm thinking the greenery will transfer to Christmas well...Seriously, what do you think? P.S. Do you see my little munchkin number 2 peeping out the door???
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  1. Aimee, Please I need your energy.

    It looks good, I always thought you had an cute front porch.

  2. Love your front door! Glad to see the dead vine is gone LOL Great job looks awesome for fall


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