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I know this may sound depressing but I was coming home today from dropping Evan off at school and running errands and I was just thinking to myself. I was thinking about our new president elect and how things don't seem to be changing. HMMM, that's another day. Then I was thinking about my grandparents and if they'd ever lived through a time when someone was elected they didn't approve off and then I thought about long ago...
So, this is the real reason I'm posting...memories fade! The just do. We don't remember the simple lives lived 400 years ago. We don't know the faces or their daily stories. What they struggled with or rejoiced over. We have their writings and things they left but we don't KNOW them. The I imagined that when I get to heaven, its gonna be full of people that we never knew from 1000's of years whose lives were as important to them as ours are to us. It kind of made me sad one minute and excited the next.
Well, that was just my reflection for today. Now, I'm going to go hang a cornice board and report back with me efforts later. Have a good one!
What is the shortest chapter of the Bible? Psalms 117
What is the longest chapter of the Bible? Psalms 119
What chapter is in the midle of the Bible? Psalms 118
What verse is in the middle of the Bible? Psalms 118:8
What does that verse say?
"It is better to trust in the Lord than put cofidence in man."
Who is in the center of the verse? God
Is God the center of your life?

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