I think I have a CRUSH on a boy (or two or three or four)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Whew Weee!  It's been two days of cleaning this house from top to bottom and the kids have a newly arranged playroom.  It's such a big room that I put our couch in the middle to divide the room so now, only half the room is a playroom and the other half is for watching movies, etc.  Awe!  It looks so much better but besides that, I'm sure I'm fixin' to dig up something sweet to share...
Well, here it is!  This is a typical day at our house.  There are kids running to somewhere they just thought of that probably housed a toy that they'd love to play with for a moment.  Or sometimes just to give someone a big hug around the leg.  Climbing the steps on the wrong side seems to be the trend lately too.  Oh and my two youngest like to show their guests that they can stand at the top of the steps and gently push a toy and the effect is AWESOME!  It gains speed as it rolls down 14 steps, tumbling faster and faster until it crashes at the bottom and slides into the wall.  Monsters trucks apparently roll the best!
Can you see Jake down in the lower, left hand corner, holding on and leaning back...I'm like "YIKES" at my children sometimes and this is one of those moments.  And the kid in the middle, he's our friend whose learning bad habits, sorry Jenny!  At least when kids come to my house, they can play, really play!  I clean up as well as a normal mom can so they can start over and NO they aren't terrors, they're just being kids and having fun.  I wish I had their energy, their agility and their care-free attitudes.  I love these boys!  I just don't think a proper girl would fit in here at our house but they are ALWAYS welcome because I do enjoy them   too!

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