A Boy and His Hat

Thursday, November 13, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I just realized this morning, that I'd been taking a lot of pictures recently of my second Baby wearing his Braves hat. I think he loves his hat! He's been a sick little boy this week. Strange fever and that's all...that's a picture of him at the doctors office over there. It might seem strange to take a camera to the doctor but I take mine everywhere. And this is why...for moments such as these. Well, now that Jake the Steak is up with the messiest diaper ever, a bath later, we are going to the store for more Tylenol, Motrin and Baby Bath and Kid Shampoo. You don't realize how much you need this stuff until you run out. PRAISE God for dollar stores. I love that they carry kids shampoo and stuff. I can't afford the pricey goodstuff anymore. I even have a friend that makes the good stuff. SusiesCountryGarden over at etsy. I don't think she sells it much anymore though (actually she does, I just checked) GREAT STUFF...back to Mr. Evan. So anyway, three is a hard age but it's a beautiful age (but aren't they all). I think it's cute he doesn't like getting his picture made but scowls at me when I do it anyway. Cooper doesn't mind and is cheesy now and Jake is just facinated with the flash....Evan, he's my middle and he's just different. I saw a blog last night called something like "My 3 Boyhemians". I thought, that girl nailed it. Oh, thanks to Sarah over at ThriftyDecorChick for giving little ol'me a chance to do her graphics. I'm new at it, not a professional but I love doing it. I have my own style which I don't like it to be too "scrapbookish". I love scrapbooks and I'm amazed by them but it's just not what I'm into right now so I appreciate TDC for letting me do what is me! NOW!!! Go, find a 3 year old, 6 year old, 2 year old or what ever you can dig up and give them a HUGE hug! They need it and so do you! Simple Prayer: Dear God, keep helping me find JOY in everything. Jesus Name, Amen

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  1. Hi Aimee,
    Found your blog yesterday and enjoy it especially since you're so close! I'm in Chatt. I have 3 boys 14,12,6 and girl 2, so I can pretty well do some huggin' on those ages! Posted a few days ago about my 6 yr old who is my "just different" one! Enjoy them, the 12 and 14 ages are whew, big different!!


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