Thursday Thirteen...NOT

Thursday, October 30, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I'm not going to blog about my thirteen things today. I've got too much I wanted to share. These pictures are from our week.
I thought this kids was a skunk from far away, I thought it would have been really cool to have been Pepe Le'Pue This was supposed to be the Calvary riding in. He's missing the shot gun!
Just one of the super cute trunks at "Trunk or Treat" I highly recommend doing this instead of going door to door!
This was my husbands truck, we did Popcorn balls, one kid said yuck and then came back later and was disappointed we'd run out. Awe! His first holster!

Cooper wanted to light the pumpkins! Aren't they pretty! The big one reminds me of the big hairy guy from the movie the Labyrinth for some reason. I always loved that character.

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