Thirteen Things I Love at Home

Thursday, October 23, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

These are in no particular order and I am not including my husband and children, bible or clothing. Just things I Love at Home!
1. It's a gentle reminder in a house full of boys. 2. I love the stripes on Cooper's wall and the old window. 3. I LOVE my grandmothers dressform, I recovered it in black velvet. HMMM!
4. I Love this shelf. I bought it for $20 in upstate New York at a yard sale years ago.
5. I LOVE my Ben Hampton print, Bens' daughter gave it to my husband and he had it framed. It's a painting of the Chickamauga creek and you can see my grandfathers Old Mill in Graysville, GA.
6. I Love my Bathroom, it's big and we painted it about a year ago this soft Spa Green. I decorate cheap too.
7: I bought this bedding cheap when I was pregnant with Evan, bought my matching $500 silk curtains for $45 when I was pregnant with Jake and my neighbor GAVE me coordinating pillows. I LOVE my bedroom! It took 7 years to get this and I LOVE it.
8: I Love my Laundry Room Curtain. Yes, I got in a hurry and the letters are crooked but I STILL love my curtain.
9: I Love my $100 antique table, painted white, distressed and I painted the top in black chalkboard paint. It's the BEST table!
10: I LOVE Peas! I love little boys that LOVE peas! I'll only eat frozen peas, I LOATH canned peas. 11: I love my Sun Room, it's small but it's so comfy (and yes, it's dark at 7:00 a.m.) and my $40 rug.
12: I LOVE my laptop, it's my third after two bad ones.
13: I love my footrest, it used to have nice wooden legs but one broke off and I thought casters would be better. I found it on the side of the road it was previously covered and nasty but I stripped it and found it was an easy to clean vinyl from the 70's. I made a "slip cover" for it so I can take it off and wash it and it matches my pillows.
Next Week: Thirteen Things I LOATH at Home


  1. I know I shouldnt say this, but I have too. (lol)
    I have been to house many times & I have never seen it that clean... (lol)......
    I am so jealous.... I wish I could keep my clean like that..

  2. You should just come over more often, you might catch it like this. LOL I was on fire last night and got up with a mop in my hand. If I could stay of the PC, I'd do better.


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