My First Skirt...for ME!

Thursday, October 16, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Alright, I know that no one really wants to see my large rear but the front wasn't much better. LOL So, anyway I was trying to take the picture myself with my own camera and this is the best I could do and not look like a huge elephant. Now, at first, it looks like alot of print but it's actually very pretty I think. It's a retired Amy Butler fabric that I had several yards of and I have these broom skirts and a few other loosey goosey ones (you know with the stretchy slinky fabric). Anyway, they were all basically made with rectangles and triangles. So, I thought I needed something new and since I had the fabric and no money I thought I 'd just make it. I whipped this out in about two hours. Now, that's with fixing dinner and feeding three kids, giving a quick bath, doing reading homework with my oldest and having a disagreement with my husband about going or not going to a softball game. Hey! I had a skirt to finish. So anyway, I wanted to share this and I'm posting it as a "you can make this" I'm going to do a pattern for this and tutorial. It's a good beginners skirt and I just used elastic in the waist. I also made it very long and then changed the length in the end. So, if you like it and your interested in knowing more about how to make this, let me know.
On another note...
I found this picture today online because I was struck by it in the book I have of McCain's Memoirs. Wow!
Image by Corbis

Coming Home: The former P.O.W. arriving in Washington after five years in captivity, 1973, just after President Nixon negotiated the short-lived Paris Peace Accords. Now, in comparision! This is the man, I'm voting for, this is part of the reason I trust him. Yes, I probably fit the profile of a Democrate and actually in the past I've voted that way but since the last election my values have change and my faith in our government is actually stronger knowing this man could be our next president. It's so much more to do with the man than the ticket. I just had to throw that one in.

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