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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

As was trying to clean out our walk-in closet it hit me. We need laundry bags. It would be so much easier to have bags we can tote up and down our steps to the laundry. I'm thinking I'm even going to do 3 more to separate clothes in. The bag I made today was just for my husbands work clothes, his have to be taken in to be laundered and pressed. So, I can keep them separate from the dress shirts and dress pants that I launder and press. Sounds crazy I know...Anyway, I whipped one of these up in about 20 minutes with a drawstring and grommet for hanging. I'm going to do a tutorial and pattern guide and I'll post it here for free. Then I thought, I have all this fabric...what I can't sell I guess I'll make laundry bags. They'd be cute embroidered or monogrammed. It'd be an easy and very cheap gift. So, here's my quick creation. When I get more made I'll show them if I think of it. For now, here's a quick and easy idea for organizing laundry. Plus, it's like I say; it has to be fresh, easy and homespun! Yes, I know you can buy these from catalogs and in fine stores like TARGET, but I'm a SAHM and I can't just go out and buy these things. I know I'm not the only one!
Alright, alright...I couldn't help it. I had to whip these babies up. They are just some old light green canvas that I had and I cut it into fourths. I plan on making a forth just for towels. So I have W = is for whites, B = is for Brights and D = Darks and T = is for Towels. This will help I think. All of our household laundry ends up in our closet before going down stairs because the boys like our big garden tub and shower better than their little tub. Jake still has a laundry basket in his room because he still gets stripped down on the changing table. So, this is something anyone can make. You don't have to embroider it but anyone can applique. Just pick a great font, do a white font with black outline and enlarge it. It's easy peasy!

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