Insomnia & Politics

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm wide awake. I don't want to clean because I really want to go to sleep. I keep thinking it's going to really hit me and it hasn't. I probably shouldn't have eaten so close to bed time but lunch was at noon and it was almost 9:00, I wasn't even that hungry but it was so good. Now, it's 2 and I can't sleep. I sewed another pair of baby shoes and I could have done a pair for a friend but that involved the embroidery machine. So, I laid in bed and watched TV, got mad because the MEDIA makes the elections seem like such a circus instead of staying focused on the real issues. Madeline Albright...come on! What does she have to do with our crashing economy, rising gas prices, not much really. I love Sarah Palin but the media just ate that incident up. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should. So, why do I like Sarah? She's an extremely smart version of me. I don't me that sarcastically. I just mean, she's a mom, with morals, a woman with values, a US citizen who cares and a smart lady that can even upstage our current president. I didn't know this blog would be political. We all have our opinions, I don't think my vote alone will make the difference but I just feel how I feel and I feel strongly about this one. I used to be Democrat until I had children. Then I realized how WRONG abortion is. Ask me if I think a woman has the right to "freely" choose. I don't! I believe it's murder no matter the circumstance. It's God who should give and take! I've watched my sister-in-law and her husband fight to have children and adopted four. One of which was so severally beaten at the age of 5 months by the birth mother, it's a miracle she lived. So, just conceived and 5 months old is no different to me. I believe there are miracles in stem cells but better ways to get them, like cord blood. So, do you see what insomnia can do to a person? I have 3 children that will be ready for breakfast in 4 hours, if sleep doesn't hit soon, I'm in trouble. I ran 3 miles this morning and lifted weights for resistance. Took my kids to play, went hiking, decorated my front porch, picked out pumpkins with the kids, sewed shoes, etc and I'm still not sleepy. Only a smidgen. So, why else am I a republican now? This seems to be the theme tonight. I'm not liberal. I don't believe in gay marriage. I do believe in love. I just don't believe in being gay at all. It just doesn't make sense. No one needs to try to convince me. I love people, gay or not. I think women are just as beautiful as men but it's just something that I'll never understand. I think it's a little human nature and just alot of love. Why else am I a republican? The war! It is important. We have to remember, it is important. It may seem like a mess at times, but our soldiers are doing a great job, our service men are serving proudly and we should continue to be proud of their work. I think anyone that steps on the toes of a service man doesn't deserve their protection when the time comes. So Democrat or republican, support your service man = support what they are fighting for. I guess I could go on and on but who needs a 12 page blog on one subject. Anyway, I believe we have to secure our borders but still stand for freedom and allowing those to come over legally that need to. I believe in breaking our dependence of foreign oil. I believe we need a president with experience in National Security. I believe we need affordable health insurance and lower costs. I believe in the second amendment. I strongly believe in our heritage and the foundations our country was based on. I have faith in McCain and Palin. I do! FAITH. That's enough I suppose.

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