A Heart to Heart

Monday, October 06, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

A girl friend of mine messaged me through MySpace this weekend. She had this to say "...the reason for the message is that i've not heard How great thou are in years and it really touched me tonight,with hearing that and reading your page i realalized where my heart has always belonged.I really needed a wake up call and i do believe that's why i clicked on your page tonight. Maybe you think i'm crazy but i've not been that inspired in awhile.have a great nite God Bless" I was so touched by this. Not because I'm "proud" of my MySpace page but because God used it as a tool. I told James this morning, you have to wear your heart on your sleeve and not worry about what will happen if you share your beliefs. You should worry more about what doesn't happen. We had been talking about the upcoming election but since we were on our way to church, I said that goes for all of your beliefs. We should be wearing our hearts on our sleeves. I do my best and I don't worry about what might happen, I'm living for God and God will take care of me. Whither here or in heaven, God is in control of my life and I hope that he is in control of yours. It touches me to no end to see that my faith is touching others. We can't walk around on this earth and not believe that there is something greater than our measley little selves. I thank God, He loves me. I was watching a show on TV that had images of earth from outer space and from the those beautiful images, I thought "How could someone not believe?" Then, I remember the very make up of our being and I also thought "How could someone not believe?" From our planet as a whole, to the smallest living organisms, to the very structures that hold our bodies together, it's all in God's hands!

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