Gone Fishin'

Sunday, October 12, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments


James and I snuck away today with the kids to go fishing. It's probably going to be on of the last warm weekends for the year. I captured a sweet video and took tons of great pictures of the kids at one of our old favorite fishing spots. It used to be the place to go when we were growing up but it's been abused for years now but trespassers. We still had a good time. In the video you can see Jake splashing in the water and that's the reason I originally started shooting. I hope I don't sound to "hick" we are from Georgia (born and raised and I am college educated). ; ) I think it was the cutest when my little Evan said "church church...world" You'll get it if you see the video. Basically, we didn't go to church today and we are in trouble with the World or Lord, whichever you pick I guess.

These moments are fleeting and few and far between. My babies are growing up fast! I hope for those of you who are far off and miss these kids, you enjoy this video. Now, that I know how to covert and edit video's I may find myself doing more.

CONVERTING: Don't buy a program unless you feel you have to. I used http://w5.media-convert.com/ It's free and easy! I got the link off of the Microsoft Website. Then I was able to use my Microsoft Movie Maker to edit out my husband making rude comment about the real reason we didn't go to church. He didn't know I was filming. LOL.

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