Cake Happy!

Friday, October 03, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

My boys love cake. They just love it! So when a friend called and asked me to make a cake for her, I started mixing batter. Well, that resulted in a huge need to bake a cake for the boys. Now, this is certainly a treat (we never have sweet stuff) and one that was so enjoyed. We baked the cakes, took them out of the oven and immediately started adding icing because they just could not wait any longer(which a real baker, never does). It was just too cute, I had to hurriedly take pictures. I didn't want to miss this one. Too bad Cooper wasn't home. I'm sure we'll save him some. He would have loved this. You know, this isn't as messy or as complicated as it always seems. It didn't take long and it was worth the enjoyment. So, if you haven't baked something with your babies in awhile, you should do it. Let them lick the spoons and sprinkle the sprinkles. It's to much fun to resist. If you do decide to bake a cake or cookies with your little ones just because you felt inspired by this...take pictures for yourself and then if you would, share it with me. It would just tickle me to death. Here comes Evan now, with chocolate all over his face. I just said "Do you need a bath?" YEAH, he said. It was just so, "well, now that it's all over, I guess I'll have a bath".
Let'em lick the spoons! It'll be okay!

Decorate as much as possible

Eat, while still warm!

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