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Finally, a new day. Sleep came but only by a few hours. I'm ready to get this day started. Once my eyes came into focus I was wide awake again. Now, I needed to channel the fly lady and start cleaning my kitchen. I think my dishwasher may be broke. It was the high end dishwasher to replace my other one 3 years ago this month. It's the same problem the last one had. After it's 3 1/2 year birthday. Please pray that this thing is not broken. It was going to cost $400 to fix the last one. We just can't do that! That's just ridiculous. They should last for 20 years, these things. So, I'll run it again and hope my top rack gets clean. I'm not putting but a few things in the bottom to insure nothing is stopping the arms from turning on the top rack. Then I'm running some laundry and when the kids are up, I'm hitting the gym. I worked so hard yesterday and I'm feeling it today. Gotta work that out. I want to do something fun and fall like with the kids today but I can't decide what. Yesterday was a nature hike to collect fall leaves, only, there weren't that many yet. Then we did the pumpkin patch at my Mom and Dad's. We were going to go to my aunts farm but she called and said she can't be there. So, maybe we'll go to my Memaw's. I hate burning the gas but we have to do something. It's Fall Break! Alright, I'd better get out of my husbands button down (I went to the trouble and ironed it and he said it didn't fit anymore) so I had to put it to good use. Makes a good night gown! Have a great day!

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