To All My Fat a Success!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Okay, okay...that's mean. But guess what...I'm fat. I'm not talking about being skinny and thinking I'm fat, I'm not talking about being a healthy weight and needing to lose 10 pounds. I'm talkin' fat! I've been fat and I've decided that I no longer want to be fat. You that know me know what I'm talking about. I can't blame my childhood, I can't blame my genes (well, maybe I can). Really, I grew up my whole life with a brother that had Type 1 diabetes from the time he was 13 months old. I was a little over 3 years old. It was a SHOCK to my parents and we lived on a strict diet my whole life. Never having sugar cereals, cokes, ice-cream, little debbies. We had lorna dunes, peanut butter, fruit and veggies, bugles and stuff that wasn't too greasy or with any amoung of sugar; with the exception of my mom's biscuits and gravy! (HMMM, maybe that's the source of my problem, just kidding). So as an adult I started indulging in many foods I couldn't have as a child and boy did I like my cokes and sweet tea. I still don't like sugary foods but I do have a weakness for starch and bread. Right now, I'm munching on grilled chicken, brocolli and a salad with Balsamic vinager and cheese. MMMMM. I should eat this more often, right?
Well, truth be told. I've been lazy. I've had three kids, married to my highschool sweet heart who doesn't hold back on the ice-cream and well, I get distracted.
So, what's a girl to do? I'll tell you what I did today. After a few weeks of pumping it on the treadmill and eliptical at the gym and doing weights. I actually RAN 3 miles today in under 29 minutes. Yep, I actually did a 9 minute mile and two 10 minute miles. Boy was I hot, out of breath, tired and no longer feeling lazy. I actually didn't care what I looked like and proved it by shedding my T-Shirt and running in my sports bra. Hey, when you're hot and sweaty what does it matter anyway. My goal is to run a 7 minute mile. Even if it's just one! I don't know if the weight is coming off. I still like my Hot and Spicy Ramen noodles ( I gotta get off those), but I'm eating less and what I'm eating is better for me. So, hopefully my clothes will start fitting better soon.
To all my Skinny're my inspiration too!


  1. That is so AWESOME Aimee!
    Way to go!

    BTW~Which gym are you going to?

  2. i lost weight recently and when i bought my summer wardrobe, had gone down 2 sizes. whoohoo! i wish you all of the best on your program. (saw your comments on Kristy's blog).


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