Sick Baby & No Sleep

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Wow! I haven't had a night like last night in a VERY long time. Jake couldn't sleep and woke up about an hour after I'd gone to bed. He woke up coughing and crying and was just pitiful. I put him in my bed and turned on a Baby Einstein movie. He loves those and he'd get quite for a minute. Then, my soon to be 3 year old decided he needed in our bed too. I have a hard time telling that boy "No". So, James got up, took a shower and then got in the bed with Cooper. Cooper sleeps in the bottom and middle of his full size bed so my husband slept on the edge, with all the covers I might add. Eventually, all the mucus Jake was producing with the crying and coughing caused him to throw up the bottle he'd just taken. (Yes my 15 month old still takes a bottle, so what). Anyway, I proceed to make Evan cram in the bed with my 6 year old and James. I then put Jake in my bathtub and started striping the bed, remaking it, then while he played with his cups in the water, went ahead and stripped his bed and pillows just to give him something fresh and comfortable. He played for along time and then with another bottle when back to bed at THREE in the morning. I've never been so tired. I stayed up because what good is 3 hours. I have to say, my laundry pile looks good and my kitchen was immaculate this morning. Still, I'd much rather have had a comfortable baby and a good nights rest. So, that being said; I'm hitting the sack early. I do have to say, I'm pretty luck to have Jake in the first place (along with my other two mean headed ;) angels) and I'm even more lucky that they are healthy boys. God Bless you all and Good Night.


  1. Sounds like a true hand full. lol. God bless you.

  2. Wow that was rough poor thing. I hope you got some good rest and that the boys are doing better.

    My daughter is on a specific formula that is really a godsend and actually adults can eat it too. But it does wonders she's never gotten sick even if she's been around someone who was. And some other moms that use it, their kids never get sick either even if kids at school are. It's really quite amazing. If you care to know more info on it just email me

    Peace and Blessings!


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